EVOLINK is our award-winning benchmark for the mountain biking industry. We created the new school geometry with the original insight about how a mountain bike should be ridden up and down the mountain. We did not just invent a new geometry but also a new way of riding. Slack head angle, steep seat tube angle and generous reach give the rider a good position to ride at the trails. We implemented the 29″ wheels straight from the start because we saw right away that a bigger wheel gives you more advantage in performance.

Performance and reliability

EVOLINK series is our affordable line of high-end mountain bikes. The frame is durable and all parts are chosen from the other industry leaders. Our strict testing in the most demanding conditions makes sure that you don’t need to use your valuable time and money to figure out which wheelset works the best. Our racing product development team races the bikes and rides them in muddy conditions, hot sandy trails and icy sub-zero temperatures to make sure that all the parts meet the highest demands.

Customize your ride

Our range in EVOLINK goes from 110mm travel to 158mm travel. All bikes are ready for all mountain activities but you can choose your favorite feel from the variety. All frames are designed to handle gravity based activities and just by choosing the travel and parts, you can adjust the comfort level just right for you. More travel means more comfort but not necessarily less pedaling efficiency. Our geometry and kinematics work together so that your ride does not wallow or bob while you pedal. EVOLINK’s are very capable bikes and if you preorder your frame, you can express yourself by choosing your color on the frame. Contact our service@polebicycles.com if you are interested in a custom bike just made for you.

Design and Innovation award 2017

“Point and shoot’ is one way to describe the super long Pole EVOLINK 140 EN, which rolls satisfyingly quickly in a straight line. Championing the latest thinking in geometry design, the EVOLINK 140 EN sports a mega long frame, relatively long chainstays, a very steep seat angle, and a slack head angle. These add up to one of the most balanced handling packages around while giving the rider tons of room to throw themselves around on the bike. The rear end design breaks new ground by using a concisely calibrated spring rate to deliver the optimal performance. The Pole simplifies the act of riding over burly ground: firstly by dishing out stability and confidence to less advanced riders; and secondly by giving avid riders a tool to unlock faster speeds. Essentially an outstanding bike that throws up questions about geometry standards – the Pole is a bike that everyone should ride!”



Pole Bicycle Company is a Finnish company in Scandinavia. We make our products in Finland and ship them all over the world. We have delivered our products directly to 37 countries. We design, engineer, and make the bikes in Jyväskylä, Finland. We have own CNC facilities, assembly and customer service. The EVOLINK series frames are welded in Taiwan and they are assembled in Finland.

At Pole, we use Finnish consumer laws, which are probably the best in the world. So you can ride in the peace of mind that we will take care of all liabilities and defects for the lifetime of your product.



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