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See the evolution of Pole Bicycles, all the way from the comprehensive basics of Anti-squat and pedal kickback

Suspension overview

We wanted to make a short video to explain what are the main principals in kinematics and damping. It is not a simple subject and I am shooting from a…

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What does testing mean

Mountain bikes go through a tremendous amount of testing before we can put our name on it. First, we need to define the geometry and kinematics of the bike and…

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Pole Stamina™

Stamina will make you a better rider immediately. The balanced bike geometry and suspension kinematics will give you a sensation of riding that you have experienced never before. Stop listening…

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The fastest bike

We test all our bikes and try to improve their performance. Bicycle testing is often overlooked in the performance point of view, and the industry is often focused on weight…

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The tipping point

My name is Leo Kokkonen. I’m the founder, major shareholder and President of Pole Bicycle Company. People often address me as a CEO but I’m not. CEO’s handle the daily…

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