Machine prices will update 6.6.2018. See the prices at the end of this story. Machine presale started in December 2017, and by that time we began to build our factory. As you might know from our previous news, our road was bumpier than Fort William track. Nevertheless, we are now shipping our bikes to our customers, and they are happier than we ever thought.


Humor from our customers đŸ˜€ Pole is Finnish dialect, and it means “pedal!”. You can shout that as a cheer to a racer. Pole has two syllables “po-le”


Machine is more than we ever dreamed for

Machine gained its success from the first reviews. Christoph Bayer, Seb Stott, and Ieuan Williams were delighted about the bike since the first ride. Also, we started to gain victories one by one since our racers began to ride it. Leigh Johnson has won all of the UK gravity series events so far. Leigh took 15th place in Enduro World Championships at France with Machine, and that was an eyeopener to people in tight switchbacks and technical sections. 16 years old Onni Rainio beat the Elite in Finnish Downhill race last weekend. Even our founder Leo Kokkonen wins the first ever podium in the elite category with the first race he raced on Machine.

Machine is a bike that makes you a better rider. The wheelbase gives you more balance on the hard stuff, and the geometry saves you energy in all conditions.

Why do we update the price now?

The price we set before the delivery was a presale price. On presale, the customer takes a risk that the bike might be delivered late but gets a discount in return. Now that we have started to deliver the bikes we will update the price to its real price. We didn’t tell the price in advance because we didn’t know where we would set it after our factory is running. We needed to keep it open so that we would be able to cover the overheads and profit.

We are stoked

Here is some footage that we have gathered in only two months all around the world. The frame works super nice, and the tolerances are spot on. The bike pedals superb and it descends like a DH bike.

Prices will update 6.6.2018

Presale PriceUpdated price
Complete EN69507300
Complete TR55005800



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