From beginner to pro, the Stamina lineup will improve your riding and make you a better rider immediately. The stable, balanced bike geometry and suspension kinematics give a ride like you’ve never experienced before, letting YOU focus more on the trail. Ignore the naysayers, the ones who resist the new school geometry. The Stamina will make you faster easier. As a pioneer of the new school, we don’t benchmark other brands; we create things our own way and believe only in the stopwatch – the stopwatch doesn’t lie. Our ability to innovate faster than anyone else in the cycle industry is the reason why Pole is the leading brand in new school geometry.

Full range of machined goodness

Stamina is available in three different model options covering three different disciplines. Stamina 180 hits the nail on the head if you’re looking for the ultimate enduro performance. Stamina 180 has 180mm of travel at both ends and is enduro race-ready out of the box. Stamina 140 rocks shorter 140mm travel and is designed for pure trail and modern XC riders. The latest addition to the lineup is Stamina 160. Stamina 160 is the ultimate fun machine with its 160mm rear travel, mullet-ready design, and thick frame for extra durability. The Stamina lineup now covers a wide range of mountain bike disciplines – there’s CNC machined goodness available for every rider.


The right feel

With Stamina, we have created a fully bonded patent-pending frame structure that’s unique in the mountain bike industry. The Fully CNC machined frame is made here in Finland to the highest exacting standards. Everyone knows that alloy-feel is what everyone is looking for because the frame is stiff, more forgiving and the ride feel is much better. The RAW CNC finishing keeps your bike looking like it should, for longer.

Unique technology

We created Stamina for people who want the best technology and a frame that stands out. We chose a frame material that has been used in airplane technology and innovated new bonding methods so that we can make a monocoque frame that is light, stiff, and durable. Our first CNC machined bike was the Machine! Stamina bikes are the evolution of the Machine – a legend of a bike already that has been sold all over the world. After we created the Machine, we went back to the drawing board and created three different bikes with a completely new frame construction. One bike is for pure speed and performance, one is a full-on party machine and one is for pure fun and performance on trails.

Unique Material

Pole is the only bicycle manufacturer that produces its frames from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. This unique material is much stronger than the conventional 6061-T6 aluminum most commonly used in the cycle industry. Both 7020-T6 and 7005-T are rare materials in the cycling industry also – Pole EVOLINKS are manufactured with 7005-T6. 7075-T6 is not used in the cycling industry due to its inability to weld efficiently, so we CNC machine monocoque frame parts and then bond them together with glue. This method allows us to make much stronger and lighter frames than using traditional methods. The way Stamina frames are made represents state-of-the-art technology in the mountain biking industry. We manufacture and assemble our frames and bikes in-house in Finland to ensure the best quality products, a smaller carbon footprint with a shorter supply chain, and guaranteed labor ethics.

Pole Stamina 140 Frameset Air

Smart features of Pole Stamina bikes

Seamless, monocoque frame

We use a completely unique framing method in Stamina bikes, which makes it possible for us to lay the material where it counts. The finishing gives the frame an exclusive and unique look. The same method is also used in the aerospace industry.

“The Dogbone” swingarm

With the new patent-pending swingarm construction, the ride is more silent, the bike is ultimately stronger and overall easier to maintain. The parts are hollow like bones, and the material has been used where it counts. The swingarm features the UDH by Sram and an integrated STFUBike drivetrain damper.

Pole Stamina 180 EN swingarm
The re-designed 2020 swingarm of Stamina 140 & Stamina 180 – The Dogbone. The new construction is silent and tough

Plenty of clearance for tires and mud

Have you ever wished that your frame had more clearance for bigger tires or mud? We have solved the clearance problems that riders in the Northern Hemisphere deal with a lot – there’s so much clearance that you can fit a fist-size rock through this bad boy! We made the frame and the links so smooth and slick, that mud passes through effortlessly and the bike is super easy to wash after a muddy ride.

Stamina has enough tire clearance for big tires and seriously muddy conditions.

Long bearing life by smart design

Have you ever wished that your frame had bearings that didn’t start creaking after a few months of riding in mud or dust? Our patent-pending frame design has bigger axles and bearings that no-one else uses on their bikes – our link axles connecting the rear triangle to the frame are 25mm. This means that we use 25% bigger axles than on a DH fork! The link connection point on the front triangle uses a 40mm axle. All bearings used on the frames are Enduro Max bearings and sealed from the trail elements by frame parts. The large frame axle can even be disassembled with a BB tool.

Large dust sealed bearing of Pole Stamina 140 mountain bike
Large, dust-sealed bearings that make the linkage stronger and fewer tools needed for maintenance.

Why should cable routing be an issue?

Cable routing made in the most simple way; outside the frame. With smart frame design, we have been able to make cable routing even cleaner, by using looped cable ties through specially designed holes in the frame, which not only reduces frame material but also weight. Running cables inside the frame is just a design gimmick –  there is no real logical reason why to do it. And SRAM AXS has made internal cable routing obsolete anyway 😉 Simple – silent – fast.

Non-drive side view of the Stamina 140 TR Swingarm
Usability over aesthetics; External cables are easy to access and replace when necessary. We were also able to reduce the amount of frame material needed, by simplifying the routing this way.

More room for bottles

One bottle? Two bottles, THREE?! You can fit two bottles on the inside of the front triangle and even one on the downtube if you like. Forget your backpack. Choose where to keep your bottle – close to the head tube for easy access, or down near the BB for better weight distribution.

Stamina 140 & 180 can mount two water bottles on the inside of the frame and one under the down tube (applies to 2020 Staminas too).


Order your Stamina

Stamina 140 – Fun on trails

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Stamina 160 – Party All the Time



Stamina 180 – Maximum Enduro Performance

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We solved the universal bike usability problems

There are numerous things that the cycle industry hasn’t been able to solve with simple solutions so far and with one bike. Pole has solved these universal usability problems that have existed for a while, and without compromising on anything. For example, we’ve fitted the shock inside the frame and still have enough room to mount two water bottles and developed a rear triangle that has clearance for 2,6″ wide tires.

  • The right stiffness
  • Future proof geometry
  • Tire clearance issues
  • Bearing durability
  • Cable routing
  • Bottle mounts inside the frame

Pole has future proof geometry

Our frame geometry concept was designed from a clean slate back in 2015. Since then, brands have tried to follow us with their incremental changes ever since. Our first EVOLINK 140 was the industry benchmark for new-school geometry and many of the big companies have tried to follow suit and duplicate the key features. We have more experience in the design of bike geometry than anyone else, simply because we have tested many options and gone beyond the limits that no one has gone before. We always dare to try out something different, but only put on the market what’s tried, tested, and proven.

Pole Evolink was our breakthrough model and won the Design and Innovation Award in 2017. Today it’s still a hugely competitive mountain bike.

Stamina 140 vs. Stamina 180


Both bikes have the same frame construction and look. Both bikes use the same bearings and the lower link eye-to-eye is the same – basically, you can fit a taco to 140 or ride the 180 without a taco. All you have to do is order the spare part to switch this feature on or off. Both bikes share similar anti-squat kinematics, so they pedal amazingly well uphill and on stages or trails. The leverage curve on 140 is also very similar to the 180 at that point where the 180 continues its path.


The travel is the most obvious difference. Stamina 180 has 40mm more travel front and rear than the 140. This means 8mm more damping. Although the frames look very similar, the rear and front triangles are different from each other.  The 180 is also beefier on both ends so it can take more abuse. The 180 is quite a bit higher than the 140 on the front end to compensate for the 40mm extra length of the fork. The rear triangles differ in length and the connection points. The 140 has a 5mm shorter rear center to compensate for the 10mm shorter reach in order to have good front and rear balance.

Videos of Pole Stamina

Matti Lehikoinen rides the Stamina 140 for the first time

Joseph Nation rides the Stamina 180 like a trail bike

The story behind Pole Bicycle Company?

Pole Bicycles is a Finnish mountain bike brand that is driven by a passion for creating fast bicycles. Company founder Leo Kokkonen, is a racer, engineer, and all round bike fan. Together with World Cup Downhill legend Matti Lehikoinen, they’re creating and leading the way for the world’s most unique bikes. As a company, we avoid causing unnecessary harm to people and nature and make our CNC machined flagship bike range in Finland and EVOLINK series in Taiwan. Designed in Finland and manufactured in Finland.

Check out these Stamina pro riding tips as well

Bike check: Pole Stamina 180

Thanks for reading this article and remeber to say “Hi” if you see me on the trails somewhere!

-Leo Kokkonen

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