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leave your old comfort zone in the dust

The Voima suspension design is the most efficient pedaling platform on the market. It consistently earns the title ‘the best climbing E-MTB’ in the industry. Voima will make you ride faster, venture further, and exceed your previous boundaries. With 190mm of travel, It will dominate descents with unmatched confidence. Prepare to push your limits.

Pole Bicycles

Better than carbon




Our CNC-milled frames are machined using the highest tensile aerospace 7075-T6 aluminum, with nearly double the strength compared to ordinary welded frames. The result? Unparalleled strength and precision while keeping the weight down and milled within a tolerance of 0.01mm. This precision provides a stiction-free suspension, longer bearing life, and quality others can only dream of.


Aluminum is an endlessly reusable material. Every CNC off-cut from our milling gets recycled, leaving no trace of waste behind. Our manufacturing practices abstain from hazardous chemicals, underscoring our commitment to environmentally conscious operations.

Strong – light – superior

7075-T6 aluminum possesses an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Compared to carbon, it can withstand higher forces without deformation or failure. It also has excellent fatigue resistance, enabling it to endure repeated stress cycles without weakening or experiencing structural failure. 7075-T6 aluminum is known for its machinability, making it the perfect material for our bikes.


7075-T6 aluminum possesses an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Compared to carbon, it can withstand higher forces without deformation or failure. It has excellent fatigue resistance, enabling it to endure repeated stress cycles without weakening or experiencing structural failure. All our Voima frames come with a five year transferable warranty and are independently test rated to Category 5.


“This is the best climbing E-MTB I’ve tested!”

Dominate descents like never before

Voima will propel you faster, leaving your old comfort zone far behind. Voima boasts geometry and suspension kinematics that instill confidence. Its grip and control enable you to ride faster and safer than before. Onboard Voima, you’ll redefine what it means to conquer the trails and set new personal records.

Unlock your full potential

The heart of our geometry empowers you to navigate any trail effortlessly. Our high bottom bracket and cockpit enable you to lift the bike’s front end with ease, enhancing your ability to corner and take on steep sections with incredible speed. You’re in control of your ride, no matter how challenging the trail gets.

The best climbing EMTB, ever!

With its unparalleled geometry, kinematics, minimal pedal kickback, and no suspension bob Voima stands head and shoulders above the competition. The rider is positioned in a comfortable, elevated stance that maximizes climbing. With its high bottom bracket, navigating technical uphill trails becomes effortless. You’ll clear trail obstacles with ease. As PINKBIKE proclaimed, “This is the best climbing E-MTB I’ve tested!”

Voima – complete

from 6,443.00 

Voima – race pack

from 8,063.00 

Voima – Frameset

from 5,548.00 

Voima – Race Pack Frameset

from 6,549.00 

Seat tube standard
Seat tube clamp
Axle to Crown
Headset standard
ZS44 / ZS56 – Not included
Brake Mount
Direct mount 200mm
Travel front
190-200 (dual crown compatible)
Travel rear
Shock size
250 x 75mm
Shock Hardware
15 x M8
Chain device
Pole Direct mount with Absolute Black guide S3 /E-Type – not included
Bottle Mounts
three locations – 2 inside the front triangle, 1 on the underside of the frame
180mm, thread length 13mm, thread pitch M12x1.0
29″ 730-755 mm
Recommended max Tire size
2.6″ (29″)
One-by only, 38t max
Cable routing
Link pivot bearings
12 x 6805 LLU MAX (25*37*7 MM), 4 X 698 LLU MAX (8*19*6 MM)
Recommended shock
RS Super Deluxe / Cane Creek Kitsuma
7075 T6 Aluminium
Raw clear – free, as standard (Without protective frame tape) Storm Grey & True Gold – at extra cost (includes protective frame tape)
Complete BIKE WEIGHT (K2)
23,5-25kg (depending on build spec)
Frame testing standard
Cat-5 Certified DH strength, EFBE TRI-TESTED
Max System Weight
150kg (Combined Rider + Bike weight)
Frame sizeK0K1K2K3
1. Head angle63,5°
2. REACH (measured with 135mm headtube)430450480510
3. Top Tube544561591621
4. BB “DROP”0
5. Seat tube angle80°
6. Seat Tube Length360360360400
7. Max insertion depth153mm above the BB
8. Stack635635648648
9. Wheelbase1263128313131343
10. Chainstay length (effective)455mm
11. Head tube length120125140140
12. Fork offset44-51mm
13. Front Center808828858888


Taking into consideration height crossovers, we have created a size chart matrix that not only covers the rider’s height but incorporates your riding style too. The result is a simple way to choose the bike size best to fit your needs.

Pole Voima size chart

For example, if you are 182cm tall and prefer a bike for all-out speed, we suggest the size K3. If you spend more time at the bike park or prefer a more agile ride, take the size K2.

Pole Bicycles


Where’s BOB?

Voima achieves optimal pedaling efficiency without making any compromises in its kinematics or geometry. Regardless of the gear you’re in, the anti-squat is positioned in the sweet spot. The SENSEI anti-squat properties effectively minimize pedal-kickback, further enhancing the overall performance. These characteristics create a suspension system that exhibits predictable behavior and delivers a BOB free ride.

It looks different

Voima looks different for a good reason, it’s has been made to be ridden on all types of terrain and has a controlled and predictable ride feel. Simply put, the beginning stroke has a high leverage ratio, providing sensitivity and traction. The mid-stroke provides support for pedaling, cornering, and pumping. The leverage ratio curve flattens out to provide bottom-out resistance when approaching the end of the travel.


Sensei suspension has a bridgeless swingarm. Our axles have bores that create a rigid construction for the swingarm. This design allows for massive tire clearance, ease of service, and we control the stiffness exactly how we want. Racing Axles use more material than the standard axle, making the swingarm 30% stiffer.


Stiffer is not for everyone. Most riders are better off with a more compliant frame. A Stiff frame is something that doesn’t easily flex or bend. A very stiff frame translates into a bike that is very accurate in turning at high speeds, but is not so forgiving of mistakes. We have learned that a nimbler rear triangle is easier to corner at low speed. Overall this makes the bike more tolerant of errors and adds more comfort.

Race axles are for racers, big boys, and fast riders. You’ll know if you need them.

Pole Bicycles

Always ahead

A decade of leading the industry

The best e-bike.

We ride hard and create bikes with passion, skill, and hard work. This belief has always put us ahead of the game, leaving others to play catch-up. Voima was no different. We wanted a long travel e-mtb that was a blast to ride on the downhills and, at the same time, had amazing climbing abilities – A bike that was equally at home on the world’s most demanding race tracks to our local trails.

only quality components on our bikes

When choosing components for our bikes, we pick companies and components that give outstanding quality, performance and value. We spend time testing from our local trails to the highest level of racing worldwide. Only when we are truly satisfied, will the components make their way to our bikes.

not a faceless corporation

For the last decade, we have sold our bikes directly to customers worldwide, and we take pride in being more than just a faceless corporation. Our team comprises of passionate bike riders who love to ride and we strive to foster a professional and friendly environment where customers can freely reach out to us and ask any questions. We believe in building a genuine connection with our customers, ensuring that their experience with our brand goes beyond a simple transaction.

“it’s a toy to dominate any forest, trail centre or bike park”

Voima reviews

What The customers say

“I love my new Voima like no other bike I’ve ever owned. It’s insane on the steep descents, jumps perfectly balanced and is still fun to trail ride on less aggressive days.”

“…it’s a toy to dominate any forest, trail centre or bike park…”

“The thing eats trails for breakfast and wants you to go bigger and faster than the last time. It gets you up the climbs/push-up tracks with ease”

“I just got back from the first ride and I have to say, I was blown away.”

“I have ridden a few different ebikes over the years and the Voima is by far my favorite one.”

“I use it for anything from rough decends to mountain trip biking and I love how it performs on anything you throw at it.”

“The Voima is the best bike I’ve ever owned.”

“It’s a DH bike that I can pedal all day, the suspension feels limitless, smooth over small stuff very capable on bigger hits.”

“Voima is just the best gravity bike and overall best mountain bike”

Check out what our customers have to say over on the Pole Bicycle Riders Group on Facebook.

“…Excellent at climbing…”

Pointing uphill, the Voima’s geometry and powerful Bosch motor make it a true champion, and I’d go as far to say it’s the best climbing bike I’ve ridden to date.

“…Brilliantly absorbent suspension…”

Heading down the roughest, fastest, gnarliest tracks, the Voima felt virtually untouchable.

Alex Evans, Bikeradar/MBUK

“It’s so good I bought one of my own”

Building a with Voima Pole CEO

Ever wonder how a Voima comes to life?

Pole CEO and Voima creator Leo Kokkonen gets behind the spanners and builds up a Voima frame at our factory in Finland.

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