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Pole Bicycles is a Finnish mountain bike brand. We make our bikes sustainably in Finland for an unrivalled riding experience. We ride, we learn, we think. We get new ideas by riding our bikes – that’s where the most relevant innovations emerge. We race, we adventure, and most importantly, have fun in the process. We never benchmark other bikes and believe that is the route to ideas that haven’t been tried yet. We evaluate our experiments and gives focus on how we can assist riders to experience more when they ride. Read more about our philosophy here.


Pole is one of the few companies that pioneered the long and slack geometry which is seen as standard across the industry today. Using this geometry and 29″ wheels has remained almost unchanged since we created it back in 2015. In 2021 we refined the geometry by raising the bottom bracket slightly to reduce the inertia of the bike in corners.


We believe in the “more is more” philosophy in our suspension design. In 2018 we introduced Machine – the world’s first fully CNC’d monocoque enduro bike. It had 160mm travel at the rear and 180mm of travel at the front. Machine showed us that we can create efficient pedaling, responsive, and long travel enduro bikes with our suspension knowledge. After Machine, we created Stamina with 180/180 mm travel. Stamina has achieved several top 10 EWS race finishes, with Leigh Johnson ending up 12th overall during the 2019 season. We have now introduced a fully-fledged e-bike. Voima has a 190/190 mm travel suspension system, made possible by the patented Sensei Suspension design.

Voima build up with Pole CEO Leo Kokkonen

Ever wonder how a Voima comes to life?

Pole CEO and Voima creator Leo Kokkonen gets behind the spanners and builds up a Voima frame at our factory in Finland.

Pole Bicycles

designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland

values before money

Never carbon – 100% recyclable

We believe that we can thrive far better when we put values before money. We chose not to make carbon bikes as carbon composites are not recyclable on a large scale – that’s a problem for the planet. We make our frames from metals because metal recycles forever. When you decide to recycle your metal frame at the end of its life, you can earn money from the scrap. That’s the ultimate proof that metal is the king! Manufacturing in the Far East means lower cost of production. But it creates an ethical conflict. We think it is essential to not choose the dark side – especially in the current world situation. Our welded frames are made in specially selected factories in Taiwan. All of our bikes are assembled in Finland at our in-house facilities. 

Always weld-free

All our CNC machined bikes are made in-house in our factory in Finland. We created a new way of manufacturing robust, reliable, and highly efficient mountain bikes from 7075-T6 aluminium alloy. This alloy is almost twice stronger as conventional 6000-series alloys. This is why we choose to make our products in Finland. 

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