Braking Incas spare brakes with adapter

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Braking simply means braking – and that’s exactly what the INCAS 2.0 from Italy can do in every situation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re floating over flowing trails, falling down steep descents or going on bike tours with your e-bike, you’ll always come to a standstill reliably.
The beautifully milled lever and transmitter unit is definitely an eye-catcher on every bike.

The look is very similar to motocross and definitely stands out from the uniform mishmash of other manufacturers. The flawless finish in gold-bronze shine ensures a lot of viewing pleasure even after years. You control the braking power with the handy 2-finger lever. This is painless in the hand even on long descents. For individual adjustment, you can adjust the reach and also the pressure point with the help of a 2 mm Allen key.

Grab yourself a pair to use as a spare part with your bike, paired with Pole Interchangeable brake adapter in color of your choice, which comes with a 203mm front and rear rotor.