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MegaNorris™ Sandwich is Huck Norris’s tire insert for trail and enduro riding. The sandwich-model consists of two different layers of material, protecting the rim and tire better than the original Huck Norris inserts. The black layer is tougher and picks up the hardest and sharpest hits coming for the rim. The grey layer gathers those smaller impacts and bumps, smoothening the ride on trails.


Recommended internal rim widthRecommended tire sizeWeight 29″ 
(1.34 – 1.57 inch)
26″ / 29″ / 27.5″ 2.5-2.8″ tyre220g
55mm28-34mm (1.1 – 1.34 inch)26″ / 29″ / 27.5″  2.3-2.5″ tyre200g

Three reasons why use a MegaNorris -tire insert

  1. Rocks, roots, and riding in harsh conditions: Use Huck Norris to make more damping between the ground and the wheel. This helps you to make the rims last longer and save money.
  2. Trail or running light tires: You are going for a long ride and want to get rid of excess friction or you want to make up time in the competition by using lighter tires. For example, in enduro ride, you can use around 200g lighter tires with Huck Norris and get better damage resistance.
  3. Race: Everything above plus you can save your run by running flat and without destroying your wheel. This is very important in Enduro races where you get a penalty if the wheel is replaced. Huck Norris is a closed-cell foam insert which floats inside your tubeless bicycle tire and prevents damage to rims and tires. The shape is developed with professional athletes and experienced mountain bikers. The benefits of HuckNorris are low weight (~80g) and low friction (~0.3W).


Front-wheel: Install the MegaNorris sandwich on over your rim, the black compound layer against the rim. Make sure that on the front tire, the arrow-like pattern of the insert points forward.

Rear-wheel: Install the MegaNorris sandwich over your rim, the black compound layer against the rim. Make sure that on the rear wheel, the arrow-like pattern of the insert points backwards.

Benefits over other tire inserts on the market

  • Better rim protection due to the design that sits over the rim instead of inside the rim.
  • Amazing sidewall support, especially good for high-speed cornering.
  • Does not absorb the tubeless sealant.
  • Dead-simple installation, specific tools or valves are not required.

Huck Norris MegaNorris™ inserts in action

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