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The Pure Waste T-shirt is designed to last. It has a straight cut and a low hem. The rib around the neck opening is narrow.

The textile industry produces and fails to use, over four billion kilograms of usable cotton as a by-product every year. The Pure Waste T-shirt is made from recycled cotton from this recycled by-product and recycled plastic bottles. Compared to an equivalent product made from virgin materials, making a T-shirt from recycled materials uses 99% less water and generates 50% fewer CO2 emissions.


Made of 100 % recycled raw materials.

• 60 % recycled cotton
• 40 % recycled polyester

Please note that our recycling process is not entirely clinical and our products may contain small amounts of different colored fibers. In dark colors, fibers of different colors do not stand out, but in light colors, they are more easily visible. For us, these little colored fibers in our fabric are a feature that reminds us of the uniqueness and origin of our products.

Washing instructions

• Washing temperature 40°C
• Wash with similar colors
• Wash inside out

You can find more detailed instructions on our Care Instructions page.