RockShox SuperDeluxe Ultimate spare rear-shock

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The RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate offers unparalleled performance and ease of adjustment. With its advanced technology and intuitive adjustability features, this shock allows you to fine-tune your setup to your specifications, ensuring optimal performance on the trails.

The Super Deluxe Ultimate has the new RC2T damper which allows for 100% independent High Speed and Low Speed Compression adjustments. The DebonAir+ air spring maximizes fine-tuning potential, allowing you to tune both the negative and positive air volume to perfectly match your bike, desired ride feel, and the trail ahead. 15 clicks of Rebound adjustment offer a wider range of tunability and accommodate more rider types.

Grab yourself a spare rear shock for your existing Pole bike to minimize downtime from riding when your primary shock is due for service.

Model Year 2023, 250×75 to fit Voima or Vikkelä