Voima LED Express

Enduro – Motor-On

190 mm / 29″ / 85 Nm / 750 Wh

Ships in 4 weeks

Standard Components

FrameCNC Machined 7075-T6 190mm Frame with Electrophoretic Clearcoating
E-Bike kitBosch Smart System Performance Line CX w/ 750Wh PowerTube & System Controller
ForkRockShox Zeb Select+ 180mm or upgrade option for RockShox Zeb Select 190mm
Rear shockRockShox SuperDeluxe Ultimate Air
WheelsetCrankbrothers Synthesis Alloy 29″
DrivetrainSRAM GX Eagle 12s
BrakesSRAM Code R
CranksetRace Face Aeffect + 32t Chain Ring
HeadsetCane Creek Forty
TiresMaxxis DHF 2.5″ & DHR II 2.3″ (EXO 3C TR)
Handlebar & StemRaceFace Chester 35 40mm 780mm
SeatpostSDG Tellis

Components can be upgrade in the next phase


Voima comes with a five-year transferable frame warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of its durability and reliability.

Tailored for Perfection

Our sales team will be in contact to confirm sizes, custom options, and accessories
compatible with your riding style and height.


LED Express -upgrades


The RockShox ZEB is the ultimate match for Voima.


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Voima Add-ons

Addons for your build to make your rides smoother

Rock Guard

A custom-designed PE Slider Frame Protector to fit the Voima frameset.


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PE Slider Frame Protector

A custom-designed PE Slider Frame Protector to fit the Voima frameset. Made from 4mm thick polyethylene (PE), the Slider is formed to fit the Voima frameset perfectly and protects the underside of the frame from trail debris and rock strikes.

For more information on how the PE Slider Frame Protector works, check out the video here.

Kit includes PE Slider Frame Protector and fitting bolts.



Chain Guide & Bashguard

Having a chain guide and bashguard is essential for maintaining optimal performance and protecting your bike from damage.


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Chain Guide & Bashguard

Having a chain guide and bashguard is essential for maintaining optimal performance and protecting your bike from damage. A chain guide keeps the chain securely in place and prevents it from falling off the chainring. Additionally, a bashguard acts as a protective barrier for your chainring, shielding it from impact and prolonging the life of your bike’s drivetrain. Together, these components provide a reliable and durable drivetrain system, allowing you to focus on the ride and not worrying about your bike’s maintenance.

Our chain guide is in-house designed and comes with a CNC’ed machined adaptor and finished off with Absolute Blacks chain guide and bashguard. The adaptor color is based on frame color or black anodized, depending on stock availability.


Color Display

display and mounting bracket upgrade for your Voima


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KIOX 300 display and mounting bracket upgrade for your Voima

Small, connected, and pioneering: Kiox offers ambitious sporty eBikers access to the digital world via the eBike Connect smartphone app, while also enabling them to navigate to their destination.

For more information regarding the Kiox 300 visit here.

Spare Derailleur Hanger


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Universal Derailleur Hanger

Don’t get left out on the trail with a long walk home. For peace of mind pick-up a replacement hanger and pop it in your backpack or tool pouch.

The UDH  protects your derailleur against chain jams by pivoting back and out of the way, and slips slightly when encountering impacts. It improves shifting performance, guarantees better alignment


Tubeless Insert Bundle


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Huck Norris Meganorris TIRE INSERT BUNDLE – Installed

Huck Norris MegaNorris tire inserts perform excellently even in the harshest of riding conditions. Avoid torn tires and damaged wheels.

Riding a Voima is all about going fast and having fun, but sometimes a nasty rock might put an end to all that excitement. The last thing anyone wants is a dreaded flat tire or a broken rim, and no one wants to have that walk home or spend valuable time on the side of the trail trying to fix it.

Huck Norris to the rescue! We highly recommend having these in your wheels, for that extra peace of mind. We’ll even fit them for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing it!




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Our bikes come as tubeless setup as standard.
But to prevent causing a mess in shipping, sealant must be added before riding.

Stan is your man when it comes to keeping your tyres full of air, sealing up holes and virtually eliminating flats.
This kit contains 3 x 60 ml (2 oz) of Stan’s NoTubes sealant in small bottles which are easy to apply through the valve stem.

Extra PowerTube 750Wh battery

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Extra PowerTube 750Wh battery package for your Voima

Enough energy for long distances and significant altitudes: the PowerTube 750 is the new powerhouse among the Bosch eBike batteries for long and demanding rides. The battery is perfectly integrated into the frame of the Voima E-bike. The smart battery management system reliably protects the battery cells from overload. There is an intuitive, lockable mechanism, making the battery particularly easy and convenient to use.

Battery includes all mounting hardware and 7075-T6 aluminum CNC’d battery cover in Storm Grey color.


VisionVelo Fender-set

VisionVelo Fender Set75.00 
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Protect Your Ride

Keep your Voima pristine and clean with a set of VisonVelo lightweight Racing fenders.
The easy fit rear fender is specifically made for Voima and the front fender is a perfect match for Rock Shox ZEB forks. The fenders need no straps, no zip ties or no adjustments, just fit, forget and ride.

RaceFace Aeffect-R Pedals

RaceFace Aeffect-R Pedals105.00 
Out of stock


RaceFace Aeffect R

RaceFace Aeffect R is a super grippy pedal with a large platform and lots of pins keep your foot firmly planted in place. The aluminum body, cro-mo axle and tried and true bearing and bushing set-up makes for a strong and durable pedal.

Sendhit Nock Handguards V2

Sendhit Nock Handguards V2

Keep your hands and fingers safe and protected. Sendhit Nock Handguard simplicity, reliability and easy fit make them a must for your Voima.
Sendhit Nock Handguards have been tested and ridden by EWS riders and also personally by us at Pole and we give them the 2 thumbs up!


Taking into consideration height crossovers, we have created a size chart matrix that not only covers the rider’s height but incorporates your riding style too. The result is a simple way for you to best choose the bike size to fit their needs.

Electrophoretic Clearcoat

We listened to our customers and the message was loud and clear: They want their RAW finished bikes to continue to look amazing for longer.

Wet paint and anodizing aren’t an option. We never want to cover the pure awesomeness of the CNC machined surface. So we created an area in our new manufacturing warehouse and invested a good deal into industry-leading equipment that can offer a long-term solution. A unique and innovative surface treatment system.

Going Electric – This is NOT anodizing

After extensive studying and testing, we chose to go with Electrophoretic Clearcoat. Something you haven’t heard about before? That’s not surprising, because its use in the bike industry is unique and as far as we know, has never been done before.

This type of surface treatment is mostly used in industries whose applications have to resist mechanical strain and environmental impacts like salt. It’s also commonly used in the jewelry industry. The coating system has a hard surface and completely clear looks the same as the RAW finish.

As the name suggests, the process involves electricity and exposing the processed part to different solutions. First, the surface is cleared from aluminum oxide and other materials present in the alloy, like zinc, copper, and magnesium. Then an electrical circuit is made between electrodes and parts being processed.

When voltage is introduced to the solution, the clearcoat attaches to the surface of the parts. Finally, the parts are cleaned and placed in a low-temperature oven to remove any moisture and residue left over.

The resulting finish is durable, and impressively only a few microns in thickness. High tolerance parts like bearing races and threads are also completely unaffected by the process.

Environment-Friendly Solution

As with our in-house CNC manufacturing process, we wanted to keep our environmental impact as a high priority and as low as possible. In general, the business of surface coating involves chemicals of the worst type, and we wanted to stay with the most environmentally friendly option possible.

When it comes to green factors, electrophoretic clearcoat ticks all the boxes. As it’s a fully closed system it does not involve any heavy or toxic chemicals and all wastewater is securely stored in tanks and recycled later.

The whole treatment is done in-house, so it also gives us complete control of the processes and by-products.

True Gold

Raising the Standard

Production at our new on-site surface treatment facility is now fully operational. All CNC machined frames ordered from 2021 will have the new clear coat Electrophoretic lacquer applied as a standard procedure. We call this Raw Clear.

Along with the standard Raw Clear lacquer with this new process, we can create colors too. Currently, we have True Gold and Storm Grey. True Gold and Storm Grey are available as an additional option and can be included on all Voima frames for a limited time.

Custom cut and fitted frame protection tape is also included on all colored framesets as standard (True Gold and Storm Grey). Raw Clear frames do not come with protective tape but is available at an additional cost.

Storm Grey


Raw Clear


For more information, feel free to drop us an email at service@polebicycles.com.


Our sales team is always here to help you if you have a question. They’re also happy to help you decide which bike and build suits you and your needs the best. So don’t be shy, drop us a message!

You can also call us directly on: +358 50 327 1130

Pole Bicycles


Our CNC-milled frames are machined using the highest tensile aerospace 7075-T6 aluminum, with nearly double the strength compared to ordinary welded frames. The result? Unparalleled strength and precision while keeping the weight down and milled within a tolerance of 0.01mm. This precision provides a stiction-free suspension, longer bearing life, and quality others can only dream of.

Pole Bicycles


Aluminum is an endlessly reusable material. Every CNC off-cut from our milling gets recycled, leaving no trace of waste behind. Our manufacturing practices abstain from hazardous chemicals, underscoring our commitment to environmentally conscious operations. Furthermore, our wastewater is securely stored within tanks and subjected to a complete recycling system, ensuring no precious resources are wasted.

Speed – 160-170cm
Style – 165-175cm
Speed – 170-180cm
Style – 175-185cm
Speed – 180-190cm
Style – 185-195cm
Speed – 190+cm
Style – 195+cm
Frame sizeK1K2K3K4
1. Head
2. REACH (measured
with 135mm headtube)
3. Top Tube561591621651
4. BB
5. Seat tube
7. Maximum
insertion depth
153mm above the BB
8. Stack635648648648
10. Chainstay
length (effective)
11. Head tube
12. Fork
13. Front
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