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Voima LED Frameset.
This is the original Voima with great components at a wallet-friendly price.

Available in K3 size only.

Numbers are limited – don’t miss this chance to grab one at this unbeatable price
With 190mm up front and out back, Voima Enduro is a bike that caters to the rider who values smooth pedaling and outstanding climbing capabilities combined with the confidence-inspiring thrill of the descent. This balance is the essence of Voima Trail, delivered in a package that is super agile and fun to ride.

Pointing uphill, the Voima’s geometry and powerful Bosch motor make it a true champion, and I’d go as far to say it’s the best climbing bike I’ve ridden to date. – Bikeradar/MBUK

Ships in 4 weeks

Frame: Voima LED Frameset K3 Raw Clear (No Protective Films)
Battery Cover Color: Storm Grey
Axles: Standard Axles
Drive-unit: Bosch 750Wh Performance Line CX
Rear Shock: RockShox SuperDeluxe Ultimate Air MY23

Bosch LED handlebar-mounted remote (Not integrated in the top tube)

Please note that this particular build is not customizable.
It is sold as described. But rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.
If you would like to add extra accessories to your Voima – CLICK HERE

CNC milled Frame

Unmatched precision CNC milled aerospace 7075-T6 aluminum frame, resulting in a lightweight design while ensuring high strength. Our manufacturing process is Zero Waste and every remnant from the milling process is recycled, leaving no waste behind.

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Bosch LED Remote

Voima LED Express comes equipped with the handlebar-mounted Bosch LED Remote. It allows you to easily change settings while your hands remain safely on the handlebars.



Sensei Suspension – The best climbing e-mtb

Voima has a suspension design with the most efficient pedaling platform on the market. Point Voima downhill and feel that grin get bigger, the controlled and predictable ride feel will give you more confidence to push hard than before.

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Innovative Design Features

Voima packs lots of innovation, for example, a unique torsion box that surrounds the battery opening, ensuring added strength and durability, creating an aesthetic appeal without compromising on performance.

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Electrophoretic Clearcoat

It’s not painted or anodizing – it’s a durable environmental solution. Choose between three color options and build a Voima that is you!

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Effortless Maintenance

Designed with the rider in mind, parts like the swing arm and main pivot bearings are easily accessible, making servicing and maintenance a breeze.

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Voima comes with a five-year transferable frame warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of its durability and reliability.

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