Unmatched Precision CNC-milling

Our bikes are the masterpiece of Finnish engineering. They are made of the highest tensile aerospace aluminum, with nearly double the strength of ordinary welded frames. The frames are CNC-milled in two halves, ensuring stability and a precise tolerance of 0.01mm, while maintaining a lightweight design. This level of precision extends to all the components of the frame, resulting in a smooth and responsive suspension, enhanced durability, and unmatched quality.

How do we do it?

Everyone wants a strong, light superbike that won’t break the bank. At Pole, we have developed and have full control of our manufacturing processes in-house. Our approach allows us to manage every tiny detail of our product quality from start to finish. We set ourselves and maintain seriously high standards, resulting in consistent and reliable production. 

Unique Material

Our frames are made from the highest quality aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. This unique material is nearly twice the strength of conventional 6061-T6 aluminum, which is most commonly used in the cycle industry today. 7075-T6 isn’t generally used in the cycling industry due to its inability to weld efficiently. We CNC-mill our frames both externally and internally, with an impressive tolerance of 0.01mm while staying lightweight and strong.

It’s held together with glue?

Our frames are bonded together in a similar way that the automotive and airline industry use. This method allows us to make much stronger and lighter frames compared to using traditional welding technics. All our bike frames come with a five-year transferable warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of their durability. We also subject our frames to rigorous independent testing to ensure their robustness and reliability. The aluminum we use in our frames exhibits an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, surpassing carbon in its ability to withstand higher forces without deformation or failure. Its excellent fatigue resistance allows it to handle repeated stress cycles without weakening or experiencing structural failure. You can trust in the strength and longevity of our aluminum frames.

Value for money

A premium product without the premium price tag. Our in-house solutions offer customers value for their money. By directly managing the production process, we can optimize efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and avoid the markup associated with outsourcing. This cost-saving advantage is passed directly onto the customer, resulting in competitively priced bikes with high-quality, no-gimmick features that make for a bike that not only looks amazing but takes your riding to the next level.

Zero Waste

We are committed to environmentally conscious practices throughout our operations. Aluminum is an endlessly reusable material, and every remnant from the milling process is recycled, leaving no waste behind. This approach extends to all our manufacturing, with everything being recycled. In addition, we also refrain from using hazardous chemicals. Instead of wet paint or anodizing, we utilize Electrophoretic Clearcoat, a sustainable alternative that meets all product requirements. This process avoids the use of heavy or toxic chemicals, and all wastewater from the process is securely stored and recycled. By regulating the entire treatment in-house, we maintain full control over the processes and their by-products.

For us, every detail counts. From reducing the number of unnecessary frame parts to eliminating losing washers to ensuring versatility and longevity. With unrivaled durability, agile suspension, and straightforward serviceability, we offer quality and intelligent engineering that sets new standards.