A whole lot more than the best climbing bikes on the market

The release of Voima saw the introduction of the suspension platform SENSEI. Developed over several years of research and relentless testing, we created the pinnacle of modern mountain bike suspension design.

Where’s BOB?

Our Trail platform bikes achieve optimal pedaling efficiency without making any compromises in its kinematics or geometry. Regardless of the gear you’re in, the anti-squat is positioned in the sweet spot. The SENSEI anti-squat properties effectively minimize pedal-kickback, further enhancing the overall performance. These characteristics create a suspension system that exhibits predictable behavior and delivers a BOB free ride.

It looks different

The Sensei suspension bikes look different for a good reason, it’s has been made to be ridden on all types of terrain and has a controlled and predictable ride feel. Simply put, the beginning stroke has a high leverage ratio, providing sensitivity and traction. The mid-stroke provides support for pedaling, cornering, and pumping. The leverage ratio curve flattens out to provide bottom-out resistance when approaching the end of the travel.

Voima – The e-bike for everyone, everywhere.

Vikkelä – agile by nature.