How to ride long Poles. The bike.

Pole philosophy in bicycle design is to make riding easier. When the bike is stable, you can ride faster more safely. In other words, longer bike is safer to ride and safe gives you more time to think what’s coming up. Pole bikes are more stable because they have more wheelbase and the standing posture has more platform. The standing platform is based on the reach figure. By adding length under the rider we are stabilizing the rider’s weight distribution on front and back wheels when riding in unstable surfaces. Here are some basic tips how to make your rides more fun.

1. Stand tall and keep your head up

(basic skill)

Bikes that have generous reach and long wheelbase it’s easy to keep your weigh between the axles and there’s no need to load your weight in front or rear. The most effective riding is done by moving up or down on the bike.

2. Before the corner turn your body towards the direction you want your bike to go

(intermediate skill)

It is important to remember that your bike mass is roughly one fifth of the whole mass of the system. This means that your body is the guiding force that determines where the bike is going. It is important that before the corner you turn your body to the direction where you want to go. The bike will follow your body movement. Bend your knees and push your pelvis towards the outside corner.

3. Counter steer before the corner

(advanced skill)

in every corner, it’s important to throw the bike off the riding line by counter steering it towards the outside the corner. This is important because otherwise your body weight does not get enough support from the ground

4.  Push the bike with your legs in turns

(basic skill)

When you enter the turn, you should have your knees bent so you can load the bike to get more grip to get out from the turn. If your body is pointing toward the exit, your bike should turn nice and smooth. In long berms, you should wait the apex and then compress the bike.

Before practicing anything you need to make sure you are rested and confident that your skill level is suitable to the technique you are about to learn. Use helmet, knee pads and gloves and make sure that you are familiar to the environment where you decide to practice. Always practice new skills with a friend in case of accident. Mountain biking is a dangerous sport and Pole Bicycle Company or Leo Kokkonen does not take any responsibility of your injuries or damage to property. We recommend you to take a personal insurance for the sport.