We don’t do ‘Black Fridays’…

…Or huge closeout discounts once a year like most. Instead, we believe in offering a premium product with added value for you.

That’s why we’ve created these select offers. We think it reflects great value and not just a whopping discount!

Business up front and party out the back!

With bike components in such high demand and supply under pressure globally, we have managed to come up with a deal to take the sting out of your new bike build.

A Stamina 160 frameset in awesome Raw Clear, a choice of either a Rock Shock Super Deluxe Air or Coil shock, and either a Rock Shock Lyrik Select or Ultimate 180mm travel fork!

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re even throwing in a Huck Norris tire insert and standard shipping anywhere in the world, absolutely FREE! We’re even offering our ‘Buy Now for 200 €’ deposit on all orders placed today.