Pole Enduro Team ready for race – EWS Round 1 – Rotorua, NZ

The team is excited to kick the season off here in Rotorua for the World Enduro opening round. After a productive off-season developing and testing the Stamina the guys are ready to get the race plates on. For Pole Bicycles this is a massive commitment and effort to put the team together in a short time frame. Joe and Leigh are easing into the week with some track walking and recovery rides before practice starts on Friday.

We are all excited to get the ball rolling:

Joe “I’m stoked to start the season in New Zealand onboard the newest version of the Stamina! The tracks here in Rotorua are world class, looking forward to Friday”
Leigh “My first time here in New Zealand, has been an amazing experience so far, the off-season in rainy wales has been long, so excited to get the ball rolling onboard the new Stamina”

More info service@polebicycles.com

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