Rob Rides Emtb Factory Visit

We were delighted to host the legendary Rob at our factory in Finland. Rob compiled a great video that delved into the heart of our innovation – his exclusive close-up encounter explores the meticulous journey, from their inception, the raw materials to the masterpiece they become.

Guided by founder and CEO Leo Kokkonen, Rob embarked on a voyage through the very birthplace of our bikes. Witnessing the bikes design’s inception and the creative process’s intricacies.

Following this, Rob delved into transforming the design into a living, breathing bike. It begins with CNC milling, where raw aluminum blocks are precision milled into components. Rob then looks into the bonding process, where pieces unite before returning to the CNC machine for finalization.
After CNC milling, the Electrophoretic Clearcoat process is next. Here a protective coat and color are added to the frame and parts.

The frame and components progress to the quality control phase, scrutinizing every detail. Bearings are installed, and the frame and parts move to the next stage, where the protective tape is meticulously applied. Finally, all the pieces come together, and the complete bike starts to take life.
The final part of Rob’s journey is an interview with Leo, where they chat about the past, present, and future of Pole Bicycles, offering insights and what’s to come.
It was an absolute pleasure to have Rob visit our factory.
If you still don’t follow Rob on Youtube, you should!