Stamina 180 in the Andes Pacifico 2020, presented by GMBN

Andes Pacifico is an epic and one-of-a-kind race in Chile, that starts from over 3500 meters above the sea level, and crosses westward over the Andes, to reach the South Pacific Ocean. The race is 5 days long, raced blind, and has nearly 12,000 vertical meters of descent – Perfect for the Stamina 180 EN!

GMBN made a great story of the whole event into their Youtube. The video is over 25 minutes long, full of good vibes and loose ground, and it covers everything from transportation to the food serviced during the event. We enjoyed the spirit Richard had through the race – the Stamina 180 is just as fun to race as it sounds in the video! If you have any questions about our bikes that are presented in the GMBN videos, just write them into the comments and we will answer to you. Enjoy!

2019 Andes Pacifico videos

Last year Leo filmed the race by himself. Check them out too if you are interested.

The Pole Stamina 180 GMBN had in the race

Both Henry and Richard rode the Stamina 180 EN’s, excluding the wheels, tires, and dropper seatpost. The bikes were marked with black decals that are not included with the bikes we sell.

Stamina 180

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