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Pole Stamina 160 Remastered review on Bike Radar

The all-new Stamina 160 Remastered gets a great review over on Bike Radar!

In this incredibly in-depth review by Alex Evans, every inch of the bike is scrutinized up close and gets a well-earned 4.0 stars out of 5.

Ian Linton / Immediate Media

Pole’s Stamina 160 Remastered is the Finnish brand’s mid-travel trail-come-enduro bike that is designed to be “the most modifiable frame in the Stamina range” – this impressive bike boasts not only adjustable travel (by swapping out the shock yoke, transforming it to become identical to the Stamina 180), but it is also compatible with both 29in wheels front and back and a mullet 27.5in rear, 29in front setup. True to Pole’s design ethos, the Stamina 160 Remastered is adorned with the brand’s modern geometry, truly taking progressive figures to the next level with the second biggest bike (of a four-size range) sporting a lengthy 480mm reach figure. 

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