Unveiling the Magic – Pole Bicycles Factory tour

An American, an Englishman, and a German step off a plane in Finland…

Pole Bicycles was founded a decade ago, and we are all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of mountain biking. This summer, we took our commitment to the next level by introducing two additions to our lineup: The DH World Cup-proven Onni and a hard-hitting E-MTB called Sonni. These models joined the ranks of our Trail Platform legends, Voima and Vikkelä.

But that’s not all – we offered our loyal customers a chance of a lifetime. Those who pre-ordered one of our bikes had the exclusive opportunity to win an all-expenses-paid trip to our factory in the heart of Finland. This adventure promised an unforgettable behind-the-scenes journey led by none other than the visionary founder and CEO of Pole Bicycles, Leo Kokkonen.

Our three lucky winners hailed from different corners of the globe: Adam from the United Kingdom, Eric from the United States, and Thorben from Germany. The adventure started with a journey that took them from Helsinki to our factory in the town of Muurame, nestled just outside Jyväskylä. As they stepped into our factory, they were welcomed by Leo and by the enticing aroma of freshly baked local buns, known as “pulla,” and a steaming cup of coffee. The atmosphere was electric, with conversations buzzing about the exciting adventures that awaited.

With bellies filled with coffee and pulla, it was time to unveil the inner workings of our factory. A short stroll across the yard led them to the CNC milling section. First they learned about how the cut-off swarf aluminum was handled and recycled.

“The sheer amount of recycling that goes on was astounding” – Eric

Upon entering the factory, our winners were enthralled by the precision and artistry of the CNC machines as they meticulously milled frames and components. Adam couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer beauty that this process added to our frames. He was “like a kid in a sweet shop.” Secrets about the milling process were shared, leaving our winners in awe.

“Watching the machine working on the raw piece of billet and developing a frame from it was extraordinary.” – Adam

Their factory tour continued with a visit to the Electrophoretic coating section, where Mika, the mastermind behind the process, provided insights into its inner workings. Eric was astonished by the speed at which raw frames transformed into gleaming, colored masterpieces.

Leo then unveiled our closely guarded secret bonding process, explaining its significance in the frame production timeline. This was followed by a peek at a freshly coated Onni frame before it embarked on its journey through assembly.

“There is a deep passion there, a real deep passion to do the best.”Adam

After food at our local lunch eatery, our winners geared up for some trail riding. Guided by Kaisa, they embarked on a thrilling ride through the picturesque Finnish archipelago and around the second-largest lake in Finland. For Thorben, it was a revelation – his first time on a Pole, and he couldn’t believe our bikes’ downhill prowess and climbing finesse.

Leo, ever the expert, shared invaluable riding tips with the group, making their experience even more extraordinary. The trails, a little more technical than their usual terrain, offered a fun and exciting ride.

After the ride, it was back to the factory for some well-deserved post-ride refreshments and snacks before heading out for a taste of local kuha (Pike-perch) and a few brews, where tales of epic rides continued well into the night.

In their short time with us, Adam, Eric, and Thorben had the adventure of a lifetime, packed with unforgettable moments. We were honored to have them as our guests and share the inner workings of our factory, as well as introduce them to the Pole Bicycles team.
In Adam’s words, the trip “exceeded all expectations, making it an experience I will cherish forever.”

For Eric, “Just seeing the culture and being in Finland helped to encapsulate the whole brand and the whole experience. It really brought it full circle.”

To Adam, Eric, and Thorben – from everyone at Pole Bicycles – thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey. You epitomize the spirit of adventure that drives us to create the exceptional – until next time, happy trails.