Sonni and Onni Race Axles

We believe in tailoring your bike to match your riding style. That’s why we offer two frame axle options – Trail and Race. First introduced on Voima and now expanded to our full CNCed line-up, these axles are designed to give you complete control over the stiffness of your frame.

Innovative Axle Design 🔩
Our CNC precision milled axles feature bores that create a rigid construction for the swingarm. This design ensures ample tire clearance, easy servicing and grants unparalleled control over stiffness.

Race Axles: Need for Raw Speed 🔥 (Default axles in the Gravity line-up)
If you are a rider who craves raw speed, the Race Axles are for you. Engineered for riders who demand an ultra-stiff frame feel, these axles maximize power transfer and precision, making high-speed maneuvering a breeze.

Trail Axles: Comfort and Compliance
Our Trail Axles are for those who seek a ride with more compliance and comfort. Trail axles provide a more forgiving frame feel, making your bike an agile companion on the trails. They’re the key to enhanced comfort and error tolerance.

Race Axles: Where Performance Meets Precision 📈
Race Axles are crafted with extra material, reinforcing the swingarm and adding stiffness. A stiff frame means precise handling at high speeds, but is less forgiving of mistakes.

Why Choose Compliance? 💫
While stiffness has its merits, it’s not the ideal choice for everyone. Most riders benefit from a more compliant frame, especially when it comes to low-speed cornering. A less rigid frame translates to a bike that is forgiving of errors and adds an extra layer of comfort to your ride.

Axle options and pricing coming very soon.

Voima Race Axles explained