Introducing Voima ID – The Evolution of More is More

With great magazine reviews and our hugely positive customer feedback, the Voima is definitely a hit! But in line with our More is More ethos, we asked ourselves the question; what could possibly be done to make it even better? With the news of the Bosch Integrated System Controller dropping last Summer, we knew exactly what was needed. Introducing the NEW Voima ID – Integrated Design.

Voima ID

Besides the new Bosch Integrated System Controller (which fits seamlessly into the top tube of the Voima ID) we’ve managed to shave 300g off of the overall frame weight. The frameset appearance remains very much the same, but small refinements around the charging port, an update to the integrated seat clamp (inherited from Vikkelä) a slimmer headtube, and a slimmer area surrounding the motor have all been included in the new Voima ID. There is also an updated rear brake mounting system on the swingarm. It now has new interchangeable brake mounts adapted from the Vikkelä. We’ll offer direct brake mounts for 200, 203, 220, and 223mm brake rotors in the near future, so you don’t have to fiddle with adapters or washers.

Limited edition Bosch CX Race motor options available as a frameset and a complete build!

Developed in conjunction with Pole Bicycles Race Team, the Voima Race Pack is a true racers E-MTB. Fitted with a Bosch Limited Edition CX-Race motor and the Integrated System Controller, this bike is for all those who what to go fast AF. With a complete build from 8,063 € (Excl. VAT) and a frameset from 6,549 € (Excl. VAT), you’ll need to be quick as numbers are limited!

Pre-sales are now live and manufacture of the Voima ID starts in the next few weeks, with the first K2 orders rolling out in April – just in time for the 2023 season to kick off.

Voima LED

Along with the new Voima ID model, we also took a good long hard look at the rest of the Voima range and came to another conclusion; value is key – Introducing the Voima LED range.

Added value aside, the Voima LED frameset remains very much the same, tried, tested (and much loved by our customers) E-MTB that has been taking the bike industry by storm since its release in the Summer of 2021. Powered by the proven Bosch LED Remote Smart System, the Voima LED retains the superbly efficient Sensei suspension system and its industry-leading EFBE CAT-5 Tri-Test Certification – all backed up by our five-year global frame warranty and starting from just 5,490 € (Excl. VAT) for a complete build and 4,750 € (Excl. VAT) for a frameset.

We’re also continuing the 200 € deposit and Split Invoice Payments options on our website for all Voima orders.

So whether you are looking for a high spec, huge value industry-leading E-MTB or the latest in Bosch integrated Smart System Technology, Pole Bicycles have you covered with the Voima LED and ID models.

Check out the full range of Voima models here.