Pinkbike Field test Stamina 140

Field test on Pinkbike Pole Stamina 140

And now it’s out — the fastest bike on the Pinkbike Field test.

I’m still bitter that we could not send the production rear triangle to show the Stamina. I’m good with the headline as long as it says fastest 😉 One note that I have to make about the bottle mounts. We have moved the bottle mounts so that the upper bottle can fit inside the frame perfectly, as well. With Fidlock bottles, it’s possible to mount two full-size bottles when installing the top magnets reversed. Just remember to turn the bottle mount around as well. It’s easy to do by just reversing the mount.

A lot of action was going on during the weekend. Our website got seven times more people in a day than usual, and we almost needed to ban people from our Pole Bicycle Riders Group. Luckily we didn’t need to get into that.

Good job, Mikes Kazimer, and Levy! Also, special thanks to Brian Park, the head editor.

-Leo Kokkonen
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Stamina 140