Season of the off-season bikes

What do you see when you imagine an off-season bike? We see a bike built around Taival frameset with some experimental components.

The concept of off-season bike aims to lower the threshold of getting out on those muddy trails and unpleasant conditions. An off-season bike is a bike that helps you overcome the cold, wet weather or whatever is preventing you from riding. It is a tool that inspires and motivates you to go riding trails instead of hibernating on online bike forums.

Here are some attributes of an off-season bike:

  • Easy to clean
  • Fun to ride
  • Experimental/alternative components to keep things interesting
  • Less maintenance
  • Cool like You


For full suspension riders, we suggest getting a Taival-hardtail for the winter. Having a hardcore steel hardtail as a secondary ride can boost your skills a lot as the lack of rear suspension forces you to find smoothest lines. Hardtails are also a breeze to keep clean compared to a full-sus.

For you, who already have a hardtail or a dedicated off-season bike… maybe consider having one more? 😏

Download component shopping list for Taival framesets

Are you intrigued by the idea of buying a Taival frameset to build a bike yourself, but not quite sure about what to get with it? To help you out with the task, we have gathered you a list of components you need to build a complete bike of a Taival frameset bought from us. Fork, derailleur, brakes…etc. There are easily 25+ different components that you need to build a rideable bike. With a complete shopping list, we can try to make your job a bit easier. In the list, you’ll not only find the components named but the standards and sizes too.

Remember, a project of building a bike from components you have chosen yourself is very, very rewarding. The outcome is cool, like You.

Download shopping list

Second hand components, #recycle

We’ve just opened our second hand component sales. From our yard sale -category, you can find amazing deals of used and barely used components from our previous bike models and demo bikes.

Yard sale

Build inspiration by Taival riders

Searching for hashtags #poletaival on Instagram is a great place to start looking for an inspiration for an off-season hardtail MTB build. Here are some of our favourite picks:


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Henkilön Philipp (@wehrwolf93) jakama julkaisu


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