Pole Evolink in Media

Articles from this year about Pole Evolink gathered:

Enduro Magazine – #thegeometryaffair part 2

The threesome, Pole and other manufacturer’s bike ridden against the clock. Would you guess which one is the fastest one?

Enduro Magazine – Interview with Leo

An interview with Leo and how the head designer himself sets up his Pole. A quick bike check.

PinkBike – Pole Evolink 140 – Review

This might be the most comprehensive review ever made from a Pole Evolink 140. Paul Aston the reviewer also predicts the future is on Poles side:

Playing catch-up. Big brands are slower to move, for a number of reasons, but we have already seen nearly all brands moving incrementally towards Pole-style shapes. I predict in five years, the Poles and GeoMetrons will be nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll bet you fifty quid.”

Enduro Magazine – #thegeomatryaffair

Trev Worsey, a journalist from Enduro Mountainbike Magazine is exploring the Pole Evolink geometry under a hashtag #thegeometryaffair in social media. For example you can find lots of these pictures from Instagram 

“With DH bike geometry, I guessed that this is where the bike would be strong, and first impressions here are very good. Despite being hugely long, it doesn’t feel lazy into the turns and carves steep turns with ease. An unexpected bonus is that the long wheelbase gives you much more room to move inside the bike, perfect for when you have to throw some theatrical shapes, and the long chainstays help keep the front wheel weighted without having to hang out over the bar.


Last but not least, a first impression review by  Christoph Bayer.

“Regardless of which ENDURO rider got on the Pole Evolink 140, the reactions were always the same: “Damn, that’s so balanced!” Their reactions weren’t confined to the car park either; even on the trails they all commented on its performance.”