Are you machined?

Are you machined is something new that we have been excitingly working really hard on. We have just turned the whole frame process technology upside down.

Here at Pole we are known for doing things differently, first, it was our geometry and now it’s our frame technology. Our new machined frames won’t be handmade, they will be made by a CNC machine. We will be using aerospace aluminum to produce a super tough and strong frame which will be manufactured right here in Finland. Coming soon you will be able to pre-order the Super-Enduro bike or frame and later will follow a DH bike, light trail bike and an E-bike all made using the new frame technology. Needless to say, we are super excited about this frame and can’t wait for you guys to get riding it.


Dimitri is a carbon fan and finds out that new Pole is machined, looks like he was blown away 😉