MACHINE and Leo at NSMB interview

North Shore Mountain Biking (NSMB) is well known from their authentic reviews and stories of mountain biking. Some special features NSMB is also known fore and their lively forum and the “Ask Uncle Dave” -section. NSMB contacted Leo before christmas 2017 and Leo told them his life story in MTB. NSMB is interested in Machine and they sate the Machine in the article as “one of the most distinct bikes, ever”. Pole EVOLINK has been quoted also “one of the fastest bikes” (Seb Stott, Bikeradar) as well so we are very keen on sending bikes to those media members who really know their stuff. Read more from the NSMB article of the Pole Machine from this link.

If you got interested in the Machine. Contact us at service@polebicycles.com