Machine production update part 1

We have been very sneaky about our factory and our processes as it’s a delicate subject to us. Now that we have delivered our first Machines we can be sure that there hopefully will not be more delays. We are creating something that no-one has done before. Although the methods are widespread in the aerospace industry and car industry, no-one is producing this big clamshell structures that need to take a lot of abuse. We are not going to tell how the clamshell is constructed or what glue we are using because they are our trade secrets. We are roughly eight weeks behind schedule for many reasons. We are not late because we needed to change our Taiwan factory for EVOLINKs. The reason for the delay on our MACHINE production is entirely separate.

We can only control our own processes

As a founder and engineer of the company, I want to make sure that everyone is getting a good bike from the first batch. I made some last minute changes before our production, and we needed to change our fixtures, and this pushed us forward. We needed to contact our customers again and tell them yet about one more delay. The other reasons are more common in the industry -> not everything went as planned plus we had a lot of misfortune. This is the first time we are going public with our factory. We have purchased several CNC-machines, and the machines are running under our roof. The first setback happened when we got our first CNC-machine installed. The guiding system did not work with the machine, and we needed to change the whole unit. The first delivered  CNC-machine was second-hand, so we were prepared that something might go wrong. The second setback is the actual reason for our delay came from our biggest machine that has five axles was delivered two months late. The third setback was the worst. We were prepared for some delays as we know that everything does not go as planned. The big machine is new, but it had severe defects. The problem is that this machine is very accurate and special and getting spare parts for this is very hard. The machine is a high-end brand and we just got very unlucky. We needed to fix these but the automatic tool changing unit is still jammed and we can not go full speed. We now have more machines as planned so we can use them and we have begun our production. Yay!

Our primary target is to get the bikes to our customers

This week we got more CNC machines installed, and we are ramping up more production. The only downside is that we have to limit our sales on the machines to a smaller amount for this year that we were hoping to reach. The good news is that we have the capacity and all the slots are not yet filled so if you are interested in the Machine, you can contact our service@polebicycles.com for more information.

The first ever Pole Machine

The outcome is a cutting edge superbike

One thing is for sure! The product is a world-class superbike, and the quality is even better than we could hope one year ago. What we have is the most accurate tolerances in the industry. The bike feels fantastic and it’s even better than the media has tested. We will send more bikes to media for testing after we have delivered the presold bikes to our customers.