External cable routing

Stamina 180 and Stamina 140 frames have external cable routing to keep things simple. We shaped the top and down tubes so that the cables are hiding in plain sight. You can still use stealth dropper posts which will feed through a very accessible port on the seat tube. More details will be uploaded here when we have the photos ready for you.


External cabling advantages.

The most significant advantage of external cabling is ease of installation when building your frame or replacing a worn cable. For example, its race day or you are in a major hurry to change a cable or need to install a spare brake; this option is going to save you time and energy, negating the need to change the olive-seal on the brake hose and bleed the rear brake. In the future, most of the high-end bikes may have electrical shifting and the internal holes will be obsolete anyhow as hardly anybody wants to route the brakes internally.