Pole heading to a new era

We founded Pole in 2013 in Jyväskylä, Finland, and now our factory and main office are located in Muurame, Finland. Last April, we launched a campaign for Pole 2.0. Pole 2.0 stands for better availability in two ways. First, our customer service is more available, and our products are easier to acquire.

In practice, we have tripled our staff in our customer service and doubled our team in production. In addition, we have invested in new technologies such as surface treatment facilities and new frame production methods. Our goal with these operations is to increase the quality and availability of our products.

More brains in management

We have teamed up with investors who believe in Pole’s future and support us in our growth path. Yrjö Närhinen joins our team as an advisor and investor. Yrjö’s history is in Consumer Business, and he has a reputable track record in Finland at leading company growth.

Yrjö Närhinen joins the Pole team as an advisor and an investor

Pole is an exciting business for private investors.

We have many aspects that are hot topics. 

  1. We own all rights to our product, and our unique technology is patented
  2. We have moved our primary production away from the far east 
  3. Our product is environmentally sustainable
  4. Our factory has the ability to automate at a high level
  5. We sell directly to the consumer
Leo Kokkonen inspecting yet unreleased prototype

What about the customer?

During the pandemic, all prices increased throughout the bike industry. Our goal, however, is to make Pole more affordable for our fans. We launched our new Voima in June, and production will start in December this year. During the first part of 2022, we have plans to double our production capacity and increase the ‘made in Finland’ product quantities.

This will enable us to keep our promises to our customers and deliver high-quality bikes in growing numbers of better quality.

Voima is Poles new flagship electric mountain bike

Pole’s focus is on quality and performance.

Since we started, our passion has been outperforming the best of the best. As an underdog, we have been fighting against the tide. But we have won a few battles too. Up until now, we have been dependent on others. Now we have taken the frame production into our hands. As a minor player, factories have never prioritized our production and we are dependent on the big dogs.

Now that we have our succession in our own hands, we have begun to make noise. After all, our product is unique, high-performing, and beautiful. Additionally, our products are fully recyclable, are made with modern ethics, and are environmentally sustainable.

Leo Kokkonen