Vikkelä FAQ’s

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that might help with that burning inquiry you have.

“How do you pronounce Vikkelä?”

In Finnish Vikkelä means agile and we say every letter, let’s break it down.
First say VIK and then KEL. You probably noticed the letter Ä at the end with the two funny dots on top… well that makes the Ä have a hard sound like ‘ah’
So now you can confidently say agile in Finnish. Vikkelä (Vik-kel-ah)

“What is the frame warranty on the Vikkelä?”

All our in-house CNC’d framesets are covered by our limited 5-year warranty for manufacturer defects. For more information, visit our Product Liability and Warranty Page

“Can I buy a frameset without a shock?”

Unfortunately not. We spend a lot of time testing and developing every bike in the Pole range. Each bike is specifically equipped with parts that we have tested exclusively so that you can get the best performance out of your bike. 

“I’m not a fan of the brakes, can I get other parts fitted to my complete Vikkelä?”

We work with some of the best companies in the bike industry to bring you the best performing parts and specifications for the bike model. Unfortunately, the ongoing supply and demand issues currently being experienced globally, mean we are limited to a specific range of products on the complete builds. However, never say never! It’s always worth getting in touch with us to see if there is anything else we might be able to offer – contact us here.

Will there be any extra charges for me to pay if I purchase a Vikkelä from outside of Finland?

All Vikkelä orders placed by customers within the EU will be charged the correct VAT amount as set out within their geographical region. The amount of VAT will be displayed and added to your order in the cart when purchasing. All orders placed outside of the EU, will not be charged VAT. However, you will be responsible for paying all relevant VAT and duties when the order arrives in the destination country. This varies from region to region, so it is best to check your local governmental guidelines for the most up-to-date information.

Here is some more information on Import duties and taxes for;

United Kingdom



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