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Pole takes action to Coronavirus

A small company like us is dependent on monthly sales income that keeps us going. Due to the current situation, we don’t have resources to run with full-service capacity, so there not be able to answer every call or email.

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Ho Ho Ho!

We wrapped a big Christmas deal for everyone looking for a new enduro frameset. It’s red like Christmas, super spacious, smooth and constant on the bumps, comfortable to go up or down with – even in the air! It makes you smile, helps you “deliver” and reach your destination amazingly fast. Obviously we are talking about Evolink 158 with EXT shock. There’s one lucky person who will win the frameset from the Pinkbike’s advent calendar, but for the rest of you, we have a Merry (special) Christmas(!) offer: Pepper Red Evolink 158 EXT -frameset for:

Even that this campaign has ended, make sure to check out the EVOLINK 158 lineup for the new builds for 2020!

EVOLINK 158 v1.3


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