There’s no such thing as a bike that does it all – until now. With the Stamina range, there’s a bike for every type of rider.

From beginner to pro, there’s a Stamina that will make you a better rider immediately. The stable, balanced bike geometry and suspension kinematics give a ride you’ve never experienced before, letting YOU focus more on the trail.

As pioneers of New School Geometry, we don’t benchmark other brands; we create things our own way and believe only in the stopwatch – it doesn’t lie. Our in-house design and production, allow us to innovate fast. It sets us apart from others and is the reason why are the leading brand in New School Geometry.

Stamina 140

A 140mm travel rig designed for technical trail and modern XC riders. It’s pure fun and performance out on the trails.

Stamina 160

An ultimate fun machine with 160mm rear travel, mullet-ready design, and thicker frame for extra durability. Bike Park laps with a full-on party machine!

Stamina 180

A bike that hits the nail on the head when it comes to ultimate enduro performance. 180mm of travel at both ends and enduro race-ready out of the box.


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