Superbike / 180mm / 160mm / 29″

We believe it is possible to build a mountain bike with no compromise. Light enough for the trails and stiff and aggressive enough for the downhills. The suspension is firm and snappy, and the bike climbs the mountains like nothing. The frame geometry follows Pole’s notoriously long and slack geometry with steep seat tube for better climbing.

From a solid block of tool aluminum, machined into a superbike. 

We CNC machine the frame and links from 7075 T6 billets supported by titanium axles. The parts of the front and rear triangles are bonded together with glue; similar methods are used in car and aeroplane industries. The MACHINE frame will be 100% made in Finland.



“No matter what aspect of the bike is in question, every item that differs from industry standard has a clear purpose.”
-Joel Harwood


“The Pole Machine is a real superbike. Similar to a supercar, the faster you ride, the better it gets. It offers an unprecedented degree of stability and control. It takes the horror out of the scariest trails without feeling sedate or undefined on flat sections. Oh, and there’s the look and the manufacturing process: this bike is a one-of-kind masterpiece!”
-Christoph Bayer

“The harder the Machine was pushed the more I got out of it, even when things got out of hand. The Machine just hunkers down giving the confidence to keep the brakes off and the throttle open.”
-Ieuan Williams

“This is surely one of the most innovative bikes around. Made in Finland with techniques and materials more associated with aerospace than bicycle frames, and with proportions that take long and slack to the next level, Pole’s Machine is touted as a new way of thinking about high-end bikes.”
-Seb Stott

“This is the kind of bike where you can let off the brakes and trust that everything will be all right – it delivers a level of composed stability that’s more typically associated with a downhill bike.”
-Mike Kazimer

For those that want a stunningly fast bike, or just want truly progressive numbers and don’t want to wait for the rest of the bike world to catch up, then Pole has a winning formula. A beautifully finished (and Finnish) frame, the Machine will take you faster than ever before, but with it you get comfort, confidence and probably your fastest times ever
-Ewen Turner



Machine represents our values, ethics, engineering, and design. We have taken Machine’s design to a level that redefines the high end. We designed the bike to be an extension of you so that riding the bike would be as easy as waving a pen in the air. We chose the frame material from the most elegant aluminium, one that the aircraft industry uses in their aeroplanes and tools, and pushed the frame technology to a level that no-one has reached before. The frame is made in Finland by machines. The design of the frame is the ultimate expression of what we can achieve today. I hope you have plenty of adventures with the Machine. -Leo Kokkonen



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