Say hello to Stamina 160 – Farewell to Machine

People have asked for this for a long time; Say hello to Stamina 160. Mullet-ready.

It’s been a long debate here that when we should launch the long-awaited middle child of Pole Stamina family. Now is the time. Stamina 160 brings in a completely different flavour to the menu of Stamina bikes. It is not an enduro race bike, for first. It’s a bike for a breed of riders who seek ultimate playfulness and prefer to use mixed wheels.

Main ingredients

Party and business: Stamina 160 has the same front triangle as Stamina 180 has. The rear of the Stamina 160, is the same size as the Stamina 140 has. The construction of both is reinforced by leaving the frame with more material in it. What we lose in weight (or add), we win in durability.

More is more: By switching the yoke of the rear suspension, Stamina 160 can transform into a bike with 180mm travel. Increasing rear travel to 180mm will make the bike very similar to Stamina 180, just with the shorter swingarm. Our version of a frame modifier.

No riff-raff: Stamina 160 is a frameset only option. Just like a mullet should be.

Room for drinks: You guessed it – room for two bottles inside the frame and one underneath the down tube.

Mullet regret guarantee: If you ever regret getting a mullet Stamina, this bike has an in-built mullet-regret guarantee as it can be transformed into a full 29er.

Made in the coolest place: Designed, CNC-machined, bonded and finished here in Muurame, Finland.

Specific details can be found from the product page, here: Stamina 160

Order now – Recieve in April 2021

The production queue of Stamina 180 and Stamina 140 is reaching out to March. To keep our service fair, we can promise the first orders of Stamina 160 to be ready in April 2021.

You can place your orders now. The first batch is limited to 10 orders only.

Order Pole Stamina 160

Farewell to Pole Machine

Stamina 160 will replace the legendary Machine from our catalogue. As many of you know, Machine was the first CNC-machined bike we made. It was a groundbreaking bike in many ways, as it introduced the new way of making bikes for us and the commercial bike industry. We consider Machine to be a legend and will move it into our hall of fame, right next to the original Pole prototype.

Pole Machine won the Design & Innovation award in 2019. It shall be raised into our hall of fame.