Is Pole Evolink the fastest bike?

On the start of the season Trev Worsey, editor from the Enduro Mountainbike Magazine, began to explore the Pole Evolink 140 under a hashtag #thegeometryaffair. Yesterday he released the second article about Pole, the threesome. Trev gathered around a posse to test different bikes and ride against the time. He wanted to find out if his Evolink is really faster than other bikes in the same category. As a previous scientist Trev invited riders who hasn’t rode Pole before to have genuine results. But is it faster? Hell yes it is, the tests proves that Pole is 3-4% faster. Also Trev has been smashing his PR’s with his Pole all summer long.

He wanted to find out how the new school geometry will work for a average guy. Poles are very popular among bigger riders no wonder why with +60mm reach compared to average bikes. Trevor got his own Pole earlier this year and I dare to say the affair has developed into a romance. The Polar Blue frame can be seen in many articles on the magazine’s website. One of the recent article from Tom Corfield was very interesting. He is thinking outloud how the main bicycle manufacturers are also slowly moving to the new school geometry and what is the new normal. Is there “normal”?


I have to admit it. The #thegeometryaffair has ignited a rocket under me, a fifth gear I have not used for a while. Every ride I am smashing PRs. The easy speed is super addictive, like the first time you drive a fast car. @enduromag @polebicycles A post shared by Trev Worsey (@trevworseyphoto) on

The long, low and slack geometry doesn’t really have down sides or maybe you need to buy new car rack for it.  It is unparalleled in climbing, descenting, in technical terrain and it helps boosting your self-confidence. Evolink is never leaving you alone and it doesn’t punish you if you make mistakes, Pole punishes the trails instead.

“For riders who want to go faster, ride in more confidence and stability, or live to smash their mates to the bottom of the trail, then the ultra long geometry will give you wings – and climb pretty damn well too.” -Trev Worsey