Evolink 140 doing old school enduro race

Himos Epic, a new generation competition or should we say the first form of enduro back in the game. Back in the days enduro was all about long distances rough and technical terrain added up with harsh climbs. Last weekend’s Himos Epic was all of this, yet the deepest drops were left out. High rolling trails also included into it which always brings a smile to a rider’s face. It was two-day race, consisting of stages and transitions. The competition itself were 30km on Friday and 50km on Saturday, so all together 80km including 1200 vertical meters.

Timo Föhr took part to this epic competition with his Pole Evolink 140 that he got about a year ago. He likes the bike the best because it is so versatile “I can ride in the bike park on one day and three hours trail training on the next day, I only need to change my helmet”. For the Himos Epic Timo only changed the tyres and clipless pedals, normally he rides flats.

The race itself didn’t profile certain kind of riders. Everything was presented: hardtails, fatbikes and the old school of MTB were presented by 26ers. But most of the riders attended with a 120mm – 130mm trail bike. But Timo took a change by participating the competition with a vigorously climbing enduro bike, Pole Evolink 140. Timo crossed the finish line as 11th, in respectful time 3:44:08. Yes Evolinks are made of aluminum and the basic set up isn’t the most lightest one it is unbeatable and stable in both ways of the hills.

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Timo were racing enduro around 2000 and after few years break he signed up himself back in the race for years 2007-2014. “On 2014 I took part a six-day lasting Trans Savoie in France and after that I’ve been dreaming about enduro race that endures several days. Himos Epic was the Finnish compensation for that. Maybe one day I will find myself on bigger hills somewhere abroad.”

Timo and his wife Sanni owns a bicycle clothing brand called Keli Clothing. They produce cycling gears from merino wool which keeps your optimal body temperature in every situation. For the Himos Epic Timo choose to wear the short sleeve cycling jersey to test its features in the wet autumn weather and it was spot on. “Few pockets carried some snacks, phone could fit too but I left it behind on purpose. I want to focus on riding and enjoying the forest environment.”

“Since we couldn’t find cycling clothes that would be simple, elegant and still functional, we decided it’s time we made our own.” keliclothing.fi

This again proves that Evolink 140 is the only bike you can possibly need. It can be used as a home trail bike and even as a downhill bike, like Leo did this summer in Sappee.