Win a Pole Frameset – Bike Unchained 2 launches Virtual World Series Tournament

After a long Winter and with the bike season now underway, anticipation is building before the start of the MTB calendar. The best riders on the globe will once again shred and fight to be the fastest in every race.

While only the very best will be in action on the trails, everyone can participate in the first ever digital MTB competition: Bike Unchained 2 Virtual World Series. Bike Unchained 2 is already known for being one of the only MTB video games with real bikes, real riders, and real prizes, but this summer, they’re upping the stakes.

Over the course of seven events, Bike Unchained 2 will be giving away seven Pole framesets. To win, all that fans need to do is play in the Virtual World Series events during race weekends. The top players will earn points that enter them for the finals, where they can win a fully equipped bike from Pole.

Bike Unchained 2, available to download for free for both for iOS and Android, is the most authentic MTB game currently available and challenges players across multiple disciplines. Players compete in Slopestyle competitions that test their style, Downhill races that measure speed, Speed & Style that test a player’s all-around skill, and One-make races that are the ultimate test of raw talent. This mix of disciplines ensures that all players have a chance at the crown and a Pole frameset.

If you want to jump into the competition, download Bike Unchained 2 and play during the
following weekends:

Virtual World Series – Round 1: April 25 -29
– Prize: Pole Stamina 180 Frameset
Virtual World Series – Round 2: May 31 – June 3
– Prize: Pole Machine Frameset
Virtual World Series – Round 3: June 7-10
– Prize: Pole Stamina 140 Frameset
Virtual World Series – Round 4: July 5-8
– Prize: Pole Evolink 158 Frameset
Virtual World Series – Round 5: July 12-15
– Prize: Pole Stamina 180 Frameset
Virtual World Series – Round 6: August 2-5
– Prize: Machine Frameset
Virtual World Series – Round 7: August 9-12
– Prize: Pole Stamina 140 Frameset
Virtual World Series – Finals: September 6-9
– Unannounced, Fully-kitted POLE bike

To earn prizes and make it to the Finals: it all starts with winning. Players who win an individual race will automatically secure a place in the Finals.

However, points will also be up for grabs during the races so by performing well and finishing in the top spots throughout the season, players will still be able to accumulate points and remain in contention for a Finals invite – even if they haven´t won a race during the whole series. No matter if you´re one of the millions who´ve already downloaded the game in the last few months or if you want to try it out for the first time: there is no better time to play Bike Unchained 2 than now!

Bike Unchained 2 is available for free download at the Android Google Play Store and at the Apple App Store:


If you already have Bike Unchained on your phone you will be prompted to update to the new version.

More information around Bike Unchained 2:

Good luck !

Pole Team