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Stamina will make you a better rider immediately. The balanced bike geometry and suspension kinematics will give you a sensation of riding that you have experienced never before. Stop listening to the naysayers who resist the new school geometry. You should get this bike because you know you want to go faster easier. The new school is proven to be faster, and you should pay attention to us, the founders of the new school. We don’t benchmark other brands; we create our way and believe only the stopwatch because the stopwatch does not lie. The reason why Pole is the leader of the new school geometry is our ability to innovate faster than anyone else.

We solved the universal bike usability problems

Pole Bicycles is a Finnish high-end mountain biking since 2013. There are numerous things that the industry have not been able to solve with simple solutions so far on one bike. Pole has come up with solutions to these universal usability problems that have been there for ages without a compromise. For example, we have fitted the shock inside the frame with two water bottles, and still, the rear triangle has clearance for 3″ tires.

  • The right stiffness
  • Future proved geometry
  • Tire clearance issues
  • Bearing durability
  • Simple cable routing
  • Bottles and tools inside the frame

The story behind Pole Bicycle Company?

Pole Bicycles is a Finnish mountain bike brand that is driven by the passion for creating fast bicycles. Our Founder Leo Kokkonen is a racer and accompanied with World Cup Downhill legend Matti Lehikoinen we are creating the worlds unique bikes. We avoid causing unnecessary harm to people and nature, and that’s why we make our CNC machined flagship bike range in Finland and EVOLINK series in Taiwan. Designed in Finland and manufactured in Finland.

The right feel

Stamina is nothing like anyone have created before. We have created a fully bonded patent pending frame structure with features that ick every box from a mountain biker. We produce he  Fully CNC machined frames in Finland with the highest standards we have created a stiff and forgiving frame. We use aircraft certified aluminum, which is more durable and higher quality. Everyone knows that the alloy feel is what the industry is after. With aluminum, the frame is more forgiving, and the ride feel is much better than on carbon bikes. The RAW CNC finishing is going to keep your bike looking like how it should for longer.

Pole has the future proved geometry

Our frame geometry concept was designed from a clean desk back in 2015, and the rest of the industry have ever since tried to follow us with their incremental change style. Our first EVOLINK 140 is the industry benchmark that most of the big companies have purchased for their engineers to copy the best features. We have more experience for the design of bike geometry than any company out there simply because we have tested many options and gone beyond the limits that no one have gone before. We dare to try out something different.

Plenty of clearance for tires and mud

Have you ever wished that your frame would have more clearance for bigger tires or mud? We have solved the clearance problems that people in the UK complain all the time. You can fit a fist-size rock through this bad boy. We made the frame and the links so slick and smooth that the mud falls through easier and the bike is more comfortable to wash after a muddy ride.

Bearing life just got longer

Have you ever wished that your frame would have bearings that don’t start creaking after a few months of riding in mud or dust? Look no further. Our patent-pending frame design brings you bigger axles and bearings that no-one else has on their trail bikes. Our link axles that connect the rear triangle are 25mm big. We use 25% bigger axles on our rear triangles than on a DH fork. The link connection point on the front triangle has 40mm axles. All bearings are Enduro Max bearings, and they are dust sealed by the frame parts.

Simple cable routing

Cable routing made with the most simple way, outside the frame. SRAM AXS just made the internal cable routing obsolete anyway. Running cables inside the frame is just a design gimmick because there is no logical reason why to do it.

Plenty of room for bottles

We made the cable routing of the bike with the most straightforward way, outside the frame. SRAM AXS just made the internal cable routing obsolete anyway. Running cables inside the frame is just a design gimmick because there is no logical reason why to do it.



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One for fun

One for the race

What is similar to these two bikes?

Both bikes have the same frame construction and the looks. Both bikes use the same bearings and lower link eye to eye is same, so basically you can fit a taco to 140 or ride the 180 without a taco. You just need to order the spare part in order to switch this feature on or off. Both bikes share similar anti-squat kinematics so they pedal amazingly well uphill and on stages or trails. The leverage curve on 140 is very similar to the 180 on that point where the 180 continues its path.

What is different?

The travel is the most obvious difference. Stamina 180 has 40mm more travel in both ends than 140. This means 80mm more damping Although the frames look very similar, the rear and front triangles are different from each other. 180 is also beefier in both ends so it can take more abuse. Also, the 180 needs to be a lot higher than the 140 on the front end to compensate for the 40mm extra length of the fork. The rear triangles differ in length and the connection points. The 140 has 5mm shorter rear center to compensate the 10mm shorter reach in order to have good front and rear balance.


Pole Bicycle Company is a Finnish company in Scandinavia. We make our products in Finland and ship them all over the world. We have delivered our products directly to 37 countries. We design, engineer, and make the bikes in Jyväskylä, Finland. We have own CNC facilities, assembly and customer service. The EVOLINK series frames are welded in Taiwan and they are assembled in Finland.

At Pole, we use Finnish consumer laws, which are probably the best in the world. So you can ride in the peace of mind that we will take care of all liabilities and defects for the lifetime of your product.

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Thanks for reading this article and I hope that you come and say hi if you see me at the trails somewhere!

-Leo Kokkonen

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