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Seeing is believing 

A little reminder first…

If you haven’t already placed an order, we have a limited number of Voima frameset-only options available to order that will ship in March. Once all frameset-only options have been sold, we will have only complete build bikes! If you want a Voima for Summer, now is the time to order one!

Seeing is believing

Last week, we did something that we haven’t been able to do for a while – meet our customers face to face! We decided to offer some of our Finnish customers the opportunity to come along to our HQ in Muurame. Not only did they come and collect their Voima framesets in person, but they also got to see a little bit of where the magic happens. 

It is pretty special seeing the Voima framesets for the first time. The shimmer of the classic Raw Clear, the dazzle of True Gold, and the luster of Storm Grey can only be fully appreciated in person. That’s why we wanted to make the most of a rare opportunity to meet our customers at the factory and experience their reactions first hand. Not one person was disappointed. 

The Designer, and founder of Pole Bicycles, also took the time to talk about Voima with the customers. Our completely new manufacturing process is revolutionary in the bike industry and is leading the way in our production. With a new bonding process, we are able to upscale the production of the Voima considerably. The addition of new machinery means that we can expand quickly!

New Machinery

We are really excited to announce the arrival of another brand new CNC machine to our factory this week – we have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive. The addition of another cutting-edge CNC machine will increase our machining capacity significantly. Our Production Team has been pulling out all the stops recently, working around the clock to make sure that framesets are rolling off the line as quickly as possible. 


As framesets leave the factory weekly and arrive with our customers worldwide, we have created a few informative How-To video edits to help everyone get the best out of their new bikes. Here are a few videos to help get you started;


A lot of people have chosen to join the Pole Bicycle Family recently, which makes us very happy. The love of riding mountain bikes is what connects us all. Every step of the process in our factory is taken care of by someone who loves (and lives) to ride bikes. With more and more Voima framesets being built and ridden around the world, we want to keep that connection alive! Using the power of social media, we want to see your Voima bikes out in their natural habitat and keep up-to-date with all your adventures. By using #ihavethevoima we can all continue to share our experiences across the globe and stay connected. Check out what the growing community has already shared with us. 

Don’t wait around – order your Voima now!