Pole Machine NDS BACK

Asymmetric shock for better clearance

The Machine comes with an asymmetric shock; this feature has allowed us to create to create a longer seat tube insert length.

Today dropper posts feature travel of between 110mm and 200mm of travel. Because of the increased drop, seat tubes need to be longer to accommodate the up to 200mm travel that has to go somewhere.

What’s a dropper post?

A dropper has been a great addition to the mountain biking world. To put it in simple terms a dropper post allows you to lower and raise your saddle while riding; you control this action by a lever usually mounted on the handlebar. The benefit of having a dropper post in the lower position it allows you more space to move your body around or allow the bike to move under the rider, usually when you are descending. Once you get to the bottom go the hill just press the lever and the post extends allowing you to ride back up the mountain in the most efficient position.

Should I run a long or short travel dropper post?

We think that you should use the longest dropper post available so that you can push the saddle as low as possible. You just need to know what is your inseam length, crank arm length, and all the dropper post measurements. So if your cranks are 170mm, the seat tube is 440mm, dropper post travel is 150mm, and the saddle stack (from the stanchion to the saddle top) is 80mm, your inseam needs to be more than 840mm. You also need to know what is your saddle height on the current bike and compare this measurement to the setup you will have on a Pole.  Remember to measure the saddle height from the middle of the bottom bracket to the center of the saddle’s top surface.

You can check all the measurements for Pole bikes from geometry and specifications.